I am a Painter Sculptor and Musician. I also have classes in art, at several schools and institutes. 

It is rewarding very often and keeps the horizon and ideas alive in trials and errors and has social potential too, since it is a lonely craft to be into the arts. 

My painting "November" seen here on the left, was selected for the "Day of light" video by Brian Eno and part of the series for his albumrelease of LUX.


I began painting at the age of 13. looking back it happened by itself as i was on my own very often with parents abscent working late so i had to amuse myself and interpret the world inside me and around. 

This solitude still remain in the paintings, very seldom any carachters or such still with light and depth as a main ingredient. the vast and stony fields of the western shores inspire me and give ideas to new sceneries that dont really exist but has a sentiment that is rooted in my surroundings.

As a musician or someone making sound, I began in the late 70´s early 80´s in the electronic scene in Sweden. Further discoveries led me into Indian classical music on the Sitar and many trips to India and Nepal to refine and deepen my skills with many sessions and teachers ..I live on the westcoast of Sweden. and attend marbleworkshops in Tamil nadu India whenever i can mainly during wintertime.

Expos​, Scholarships/Grants, Workshops.

KKV Bohuslän. Groupexpo 2006, 2007. Sculptures​

Galleri Bella Göteborg. 2007 Solo. Paintings Sculptures

Group expo Linocut Print Esto no es un galeria Bogota 2008.

Galleri J Falkenberg 2009 Solo Paintings Sculptures

Galleri J. Groupexpo Sculpture 2010.

August Rigners Stipendiefond. 2008. Travel Scholarship.

Stonecarving India. Marbleworkshop - India. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.​​ ​

Ringhals. Sweden. Soloexpo Paintings and Sculptures 2013.

Liljevalchs vårsalong Stockholm Jan-Mar.2014.

Arken Goteborg Solo expo Paintings Apr.2014.

Nääs Fabriker. Hotellgalleriet. Solo expo Paintings. Jan 2015.

Tofta Galleri. " Flygande matta mellan Lynga o Mahabalipuram, Måleri Skulptur

Tillsammans med Gunnel Hillerström Bengtsson. Okt 2015.

Längmanska Kulturfonden Stockholm. Stipendie/Scholarship. Sten. Indien. 2015.

Orust Konsthall. Soloexpo 2017. Måleri skulptur. Kust Noll.

Digital Music Solo:

500 Billion Doors 2009 - Sounds on Canvas 2009 - Shoreline Music 2010 - Harmonium Wall 2010
Even Darker Still 2010 - Green Moss Trail 2011 - Twin Star Formula 2011 - Walking on Hidden Tracks 2011
Desert Maps and Overdubs 2011 - Moon Drum Suite 2012 - Within. EP 2012 - Delta Rythm Sphere 2012
Vertical Skies 2012 - Premonitions 2012
​ - String Theories 2013 - Dazzle Woods 2014 - Samsara 2014

Coast Zero. 2017 - Frozen Craft. 2018. -  Hideaway Fields 2021.

Discography / Collaborations.

Gasleben & Electric friends - Spareparts for the offspring. CD 2021

Beehive Plains - Gong. Digital album 2015.
Beehive Plains- CD "Tape" 2011.

Weltwagen- The Lambda Variant. Casparis van Mierlo/Peter Davidson 2012.

Saint Julien Le Hospitallier. by Gustave Flaubert CD /Mp3 Audiobook -

with soundtrack. Frédérique Bruyas/Peter Davidson 2011.

Twice a Man. Agricultural Beauty. CD 2002.

The Butterfly Effect "Trip" CD 1991.

Blue For Two. LP 1986.